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Black Butterfly Dream Lab

Future City: Dream Lab Box

Future City: Dream Lab Box

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The Future City: Dream Lab Box contains a bundle of items needed for facilitating a Dream Lab workshop with 16 people.  Components inside the box include:

  • 4 Future City game boards
  • 5 Redlining infographics with Baltimore Residential Security Maps (18"x18")
  • 5 infographics of the $3 billion Racial Equity Social Impact Bond (18"x18")
  • 4 sets of Equity Cards
  • 4 sets of City Budget Cards
  • 4 stacks of $800 million in game cash (for city budgeting activity)
  • 4 set of hexagon amenities tiles
  • 4 stacks of pastel colored Post-It Notes
  • 1 Growin' in the Garden comic book (by Jordan P. Jackson)


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